Sustainable Eco energy, world leading technology for delivering waste to energy solutions

Sustainable Eco Energy has rights in perpetuity to market world leading technology for bio-solid conversion into a “Green Fuel” and associated energy generation technologies- waste to energy (W2E), such as gasification.


The Company’s business is focused on international project development.

Technology advantages

  • Simple, rugged, proven process and technology
  • Employs ‘off-the-shelf’ plant and equipment
  • Low cost to build and operate
  • Readily scalable solution
  • Patented
  • Rapid deployment
  • Proven technology and benefits (financial and environmental)
  • Green Fuel has ignitability characteristics similar to coal
  • 150 tons of Green Fuel equivalent to 3.5-4.0 MW electricity


The Green Fuel process is net energy positive and has a particular synergy with coal fired combustion power plants, making markets such as China, where coal is still the dominant power production feedstock.

Through a proprietary patented process, high moisture content bio-solid ‘opportunity fuels’ (sludge waste, farm waste, food processing waste) are converted into Green Fuel. Bio-solid ‘sludge’ is mixed with one or more additives, and dried. The Green Fuel is gasified at low temperature and the syn-gas produced, burned in a boiler to produce steam and hence electricity, through a turbine. Waste heat is recovered and utilized in the Green Fuel drying process.


Complete waste to energy process

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